Friends at Home

Continuing to live at home proves the best option for older people but losing the ability to cope with day to day tasks can make this difficult. People recovering from serious illness or with a permanent disability often face problems despite allocated care provision. Engaging with the Friends at Home Service will help to make independent living possible and deal with anxieties. 

Changing a book at a library, shopping, taking in coal, changing a light bulb, keeping the garden tidy, taking a short walk or caring for someone can all become daunting or impossible as health and confidence decline.

The Friends at Home Service will enable people to attend clinics, continue their usual activities and manage the running of their household. It can provide a friendly face and ear when people feel at their most isolated and vulnerable.


The people most suited to becoming a Friend are those who are interested in other people, are good listeners, are reliable, and have 2-3 hours to commit each week. Often previous experience is not needed. It's more about who you are than what you've done. Being a Friend is a chance to give something as a volunteer through your time and commitment and every Friend has stories of what they get back in return.

If you would like to become a Friend and give someone a renewed sense of well-being, contact the Development Worker who will meet with you and discuss the service.

The Good Morning Sutherland Service

(GMS) service, which was previously run by the Dornoch Firth Group, is now managed by the Forum.

The service was introduced by the Dornoch Firth Group  to help reduce the feeling of isolation and anxiety experienced by people living on their own by giving them a regular friendly ‘phone call to make sure all is well.  This can also give an opportunity to talk about any worries.  It is free and open to anyone resident in East or Central Sutherland.  Our trained volunteers make calls at times to suit clients and initiate help if problems have arisen.  Referrals can be taken from individuals, third parties such as Health or Social Care professionals, friends or relatives.   Anyone interested in receiving this service should contact Isobel Murray, our Service Manager  on 07907595962 or email


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